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Welcome to The NASH - a dance studio in Hawes in the glorious Yorkshire Dales National Park. We host a Saturday dance school and run a small programme of arts and heritage projects.  We work with a range of partners: Dales Dance, Rural Arts, Eden Arts, Swaledale FestivalLempen Puppet Theatre Company and Dales Countryside Museum.

Click here for news of our latest project The Story of Schools in the Upper Dales, supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and Yorkshire Dales National Park's Sustainable Development Fund.  

The NASH is short for ‘National School Hawes’: the building dates from 1845 and was originally a Victorian school, then a church-run community space, until it fell out of use.  The building was brought in 2014 with the aim of bringing it back to life and The NASH re-opened in March 2016. The space is approx 10 x 8 metres and has a sprung wooden dance floor.

Latest News

Barbara Buckingham - Reeth...

04 October 2021

News, Story of Schools

I was at Reeth School for the beginning of the Second World War. The war affected our school days very much, in the sense that it interrupted it. The continuity went because we kept getting...

Eleanor Scarr - Bainbridge...

04 October 2021

News, Story of Schools

I was born at Thornton Rust in 1947. There was no school in Thornton Rust, it shut in about the 1930s, so Bainbridge was our primary school. You went the term that you were five, so for me it...

Basil Allen - Hawes School, 1940s

30 September 2021

News, Story of Schools

Hawes when it was a day school kept the sexes separate, with separate door entrances and even separate external gates to go in. The entrance on Main Street that is now blocked up was the...